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BAILEY PLASTER SDN BHD is the first company registered with PHIM (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia / Industrial Design) for its products in Malaysia.Our Product is cast from first Generation mold and is known for Fineness and Quality, it has always been copied byother company and never been surpassed.
We supply a wide range of plaster products including Domes, Centre Roses, Oval shape Mouldings, Round Mouldings, Corners & Beadings, Cornice Corners and other ornament accessories such as Corbels, Roman Pillars, Mirrors, Free Corners and many more to allow you to enhance your interior with a classic taste inrivalled by any other form of interior decor.
All the products are fire resistance, excellence thermal and sound insulation, and vermin proof.
BAILEY PLASTER provide designs for plaster ceiling industry and we have the facilites to provide customized mouldings. Covering the local and export market with quality comparable to the International standards, Bailey Plaster has become a leader in the design and colour of plaster-glass products in Malaysia and Overseas.

Colouring Techniques

Bronze Effect

Charcoal Crackle Effect

Combination Patterns

Mixed Colour Effect


Special Color Effect

Spot Gold Effect

Stone Effect

Superior Crackle Effect